The Four C’s

The 4C’s relate to a diamond’s CUT, COLOR, CLARITY, CARAT WEIGHT. The better these four characteristics, the more valuable the diamond.

Cut The way a diamond is cut is vital. It is the precision and delicacy of the cut that dictates the maximum amount of light the diamond will refract and reflect. The better it has been cut the greater will be its brilliance, sparkle and fire.
Color Most diamonds look colorless but there are many subtle shade differences, and the closer a diamond is to showing no color, the more valuable it becomes.
Clarity Thanks to nature, every diamond is unique. Each one possesses its own individuality. This could be due to minute traces of other minerals trapped during the crystallization process.

These natural characteristics, called “inclusions,” are often described as nature’s fingerprints and help gemologists determine the age of a diamond.

The number, color, nature, size and position of any inclusions determines the clarity of a diamond.

Carat The carat is a unit of weight which derives from the carob seed. In today’s terms, the carat is a standard metric weight of .2 grams. Each carat is divided into 100 points. For example, a quarter of a carat is 25 points, written as 0.25ct.

The 5th C

Confidence in your jeweler is the one “C” that is often overlooked.

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