For over 30 years, Fino Jewelers has been a leader in providing customers with only the highest quality jewelry and diamond pieces, along with custom and handcrafted jewelry personalized for their customers.  Fino Jewelers, a family-owned and operated business was established by Vito Fino who learned his craft in Italy as a young man working alongside some of the worlds finest goldsmiths.  Italy is known worldwide for their fine jewelry artisans and so began his lifetime career as a master jeweler.  After becoming one of the trade’s most sought after Diamond setters, Mr. Fino decided to bring that same quality and established his small business in Baltimore with his wife Maria and his two sons, Joseph and Vincent.  Together, the Fino Family grew their business and became the areas most trusted and expert local jewelers winning recognition from the industry and customers in and around the Baltimore area.  During their years they focused on providing customers with beautifully crafted and unique jewelry pieces,  engagement and wedding rings and sets, affordable pricing on Diamonds and offered exceptional and expert jewelry repair services making them the largest repair center for decades.

Now,  Fino Jewelers offers our unique and fine collections to customers anywhere. Visit our new online store for the same quality and unique jewelry pieces offered at the same affordable pricing on only the finest collection of fine jewelry and diamonds.  Shop Fino Jewelers for  Family Jewelry, Gold and Silver Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Bridal Engagement Rings, Diamond Weddings Bands and much more.

Wish to create your own unique piece of jewelry,? Email a picture of what you are looking for and our master jeweler, Vinny will bring your vision to life.   ***Upfront custom rates apply.

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